Ben Holly 5

Infants start a new project: My body

By: Daniela Prieto, Julio Bermejo & Carolina Oltra (3rd ESO)

In January the students from 2 to 5 years started another project, “My body”. This year students are learning by projects instead of having books. It is only worked in English classes.

New project with Ben Holly

Ben and Holly talking with the children

As we said, each one has a different task in the project. The 3 year old project is called “Guess who”; the 4 year old, “Mr. Bones” and the 5 year old, “Healthy Mind and Healthy Body”.

This project started with the presentation of Ben the elf and Holly the fairy who came to the school to learn about the infants project. In this presentation the students helped Ben and Holly to find what Ben needed if he was hungry, tired, dirty or if he wanted to do some sport. Holly had a bag with many drawings, which the children had painted, of the vocabulary they will learn during this project.

When Ben was hungry the children had to say things which Ben could eit, eg. apples. Holly took out of her bag the drawings and the children had to say if he could eat that or not. Later, two students from 5 years, came out and read what Ben told them. Ben put the vocabulary drawings where they belonged to.

5 old girls reading the poster

In this project they will learn through music classes, theatre, arts & crafts and English classes. All of these classes will be taught in English.

When Ben and Holly finished the presentation they gave the names of the projects to each english teacher. Finally they all danced the “hokey pokey” with Ben and Holly and they said they would return and see what they had learned.

Between Fallas and Easter parents will be invited to see what their children have learned and see their portfolios, where they will write all about this project.

Dancing with Ben and Holly the hokey pokey


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