Infants school

The Infant and Primary Stages promote bilingual learning, with more than half of the school day in English with mostly native or bilingual teachers. A multi-sensory and fun reading and writing method (Jolly Phonics) is used in the Foundation Stage of early childhood education in order to learn English as a native language, acquiring a correct pronunciation.

Educacion Bilingue Edelweiss School

 Primary school

Through different methodologies, we create a learning environment where the consolidation of acquired habits and the introduction of new knowledge is paramount. All the English language skills are taught in an enjoyable, relaxed and progressive manner. Self-confidence, cooperation and the ability to express themselves in English are some of the hallmarks of the “taught-in-English” subjects at Edelweiss.

Secondary school

During this stage we prepare students, in very small groups, for the official examinations of the University of Cambridge, most surpassing the First Certificate (B2) level in 4th ESO.  We also use English as a lingua franca in various subjects for its further development and consolidation.

During Secondary the school introduces the learning of another foreign language, French, considering that learning other languages is a key that opens doors to profesional future of our students. The vast majority reach level A2 of French in 4th ESO.

High school

Our goal is that by the end of 6th Form our pupils will have reached the Advanced (C1) level.

As for Valencian Language, it is our aim that students achieve a high level.

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