Educacion Valores 1 Edelweiss School

Our teaching is from a human and Christian values-based perspective that covers three essential aspects: cognitive, personal and emotional.

We believe that educating in values is preparation for life and therefore encourages the comprehensive development of the students as an important part of our educational identity,  developing ethics and responsibility in the personality of our student.

We also assume the teaching of the Catholic religion and prepare students for their First Communion and their subsequent Confirmation

Our customised and reduced number groups – are aimed at both parents and students to work together in the development of values such as:

  • Knowledge of ones self and self-control
  • Personal responsability and freedom
  • Emotional competencies and social skills
  • Respect, solidarity and openness to others
  • Emotional intelligenceeducational values Edelweiss School Valencia

Through mentoring (individual and group) and the encouragement of personal and social skills (through debates, oral presentations, teamwork, etc. the development of our students and their emotional intelligence is expanded.

Furthermore, at Edelweiss, we try to educate people with an open mind, aware of the dignity of any human being and with the responsibility of taking an active part in the construction of society. Throughout the academic year we encourage the participation and involvement in various solidarity initiatives in collaboration with different institutions and NGOs: solidarity race, visits to orphanages, fundraising for various projects, charity flea market and other campaigns as the World Campaign against Cancer, Pro-life, etc.

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