Edelweiss has a proven track record of high academic level and excellent results in the University studies of their alumni, enabling them to study abroad if they wish.  The methodology of cooperative work and the incorporation of new technologies as learning tools are some of the challenges facing Edelweiss to improve the quality of educational opportunities at all levels, giving great importance to the training of teachers.

Cooperative classrooms work

Edelweiss collaborative learning School ValenciaEdelweiss is incorporating the methodology of cooperative classrooms work each student improve their motivation through meaningful learning, giving prominence to students. This methodology promotes the development of social skills, public exhibitions, all especially necessary tools for the future of the students.

Compared to a competitive education model, cooperative work favors also coexistence since the acceptance of differences, being a powerful tool of integration, understanding and inclusion. The presence of a students with different abilities in the same class, requires a curriculum planning flexible and adjusted to the realities of the present, combining the personalized teaching and the autonomy of the students with the cooperative structure of the learning.


TICs Edelweiss School ValenciaNew technological contexts and the need to improve the quality of our offerings at all levels founded the progressive incorporation of ICTs as tools for learning on education given from Edelweiss.

Teacher training

Edelweiss teachers training School Valencia

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