Ganadoras Poesía Ecosistemas

Ecosystems project: poetry competition

Learning to rhyme with science topics.

The project of 5th year Primary in the first quarter had the ecosystems as its main theme, to reinforce their learning.

Since the PBL (Project Based Learning) attempts to bring together diverse subjects, their teachers designed an activity to include the Language area: at the individual level, students were to participate in a poetry contest. The theme of the poems should be precisely what you learned of ecosystems.

The result was not only brilliant, but surprising. Students in grades 5, from an unusual theme in poetry as the designated, wrote some rhymes that Miss Glory and  Mr Robert found it difficult to pick a winner.

Here we bring you the first and second prize. You can read and judge for yourselves. Ines and Paula have a future as writers! Or at least as poets,  they deserve credit.

1st prize: Inés T.


2nd prize: Paula B.

2º premio poesía ecosistemas

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