Educación Infantil 2 Años

Infants school at Edelweiss school

Encarnita and Monica speak of the bilingual children’s school

Everything begins in our bilingual children’s school, since Encarnita and Monica are professionals in the art of enhancing the intellectual, emotional and physical needs of our children from 2 to 5 years, starting from experimentation, play and relationship with their environment. Both are a team that combines experience, enthusiasm and innovative spirit. They motivate our 2-3 years kids to start in the English language, enabling them to a proper understanding of English phonic system and promoting an appropriate oral expression.

educación infantil 2 años

In the 2 years classroom, we seek to educate every child in a set of habits and routines from a global perspective, which is the most appropriate way for teaching different content and experiences at these ages. That is to say, we try to make every child find meaning of what he is going to learn. To do this we seek to establish links between what the child already knows and what he is intended to find out.

educación infantil 2 años

Hence the vital importance of motivation and promotion of curiosity during this educational stage, where playing and experimental activities have a fundamental role through “learning by doing”. These experiences are the motor of development and learning in children, because they promote the development of knowledge and schemes of relation and coexistence, respecting the times of learning for each student. As in the rest of stages, Infants school students work for projects to promote the playful learning.

Infants school at Edelweiss school 2

The importance of playing in a natural environment.

In the garden of Infants school, children enjoy a pleasant natural surroundings with pine trees and spacious play areas. We have just released some kitchens in the style of the English “mud kitchens” to encourage symbolic play. And also as a novelty, students can play in sandboxes, blackboards or compose their own music making notes with the homemade percussion elements of our “music wall”.

educación infantil 2 años

Values and relationship with families, key elements.

A particularly relevant aspect in education provided in our school from 2 years old are the values: how to say thanks, ask for things saying please, assess the successes of others and get to know each other to strengthen the positive and correct the aspects to be improved

On the other hand, the relationship with families is key at this stage. Through a close and climate of affection toward the children and their families, we keep a continuous and smooth relationship with the parents, enabling to unify criteria and guidelines for action, thinking about the improvement of each student.

educación infantil 2 años

Educational methodologies in Infants school.

Throughout the stage of Infants school we work through different methodologies:

  • Early Stimulation and music 
  •  Jolly Phonics: multisensory and fun method of reading and writing in English
  •  Emotional education and values
  • Entusiasmat values: mathematics work through play, experimentation and significant learning
  • Based Project Learning: family and school; the human body and the senses…

Now we have already closed the tuition for those born in 2014, while for those born in 2015 there are still some vacancies.

 The school is at your disposal to solve your doubts and concerns.

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