Camino De Santiago 2017

Pilgrim’s route to Santiago

Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

This course, 4ºESO and 1ºBAC did not participate in our Traditional Olympics. Just before Easter, departed from Ourense to Santiago. Based on what walkers have told us, it is a tough but unforgettable experience.

Pilgrim’s route to Santiago 0

There are a lot of pilgrimage routes, but they chose the one called Vía de la Plata or Camino de Sanabrés. This way allows you to earn the Compostellana in record time: only 4 days walking. On the other hand, it involves making stages of almost 30 km daily by rugged terrain. The slopes can be endless. And going down the mountain can be exhausting.

Pilgrim’s route to Santiago 1

But what our pilgrims, students and teachers, do tell us is the effort and the good group atmosphere worth it. The fatigue did not caused a word higher than another, nor a discussion. Quite the opposite, no one lost the smile.

Our walking group culminated their pilgrimage in the Cathedral. There, they forgot the blisters and fatigue, and were able to attend Mass to give thanks and pray for all those who we had asked them for. They could not see the facade, since it is currently covered for rehabilitation. But they were able to enter!

Pilgrim’s route to Santiago 2

Subsequently they received the Compostellana, document certifying that they have carried out more than 100 km on foot because of their devotion to Saint James the Apostle. Congratulations! Road completed.

‘Verás la maravilla del Camino

camino de soñada Compostela.

¡Oh lirio y oro! Peregrino

en un llano entre copos de candela’.

Coplas elegíacas,
Antonio Machado

Pilgrim’s route to Santiago 3




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