Growing up in Edelweiss School

The life of a student in Edelweiss School. We accompany and guide the children from the tender age of 2 until they finish their academic preparation at the age of 18. Follow us: step by step, year by year, course by course, in all of their educational stages.

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Edelweiss 2020-2021 summary

Lost in space

Edelweiss School debates

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Our students have managed to be the champions of the NATIONAL FINAL, of the “VII School ESIC Debate League”.


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15,000 m2 of facilities


At Edelweiss we have the best facilities to make the life of each student to develop in the best possible way. We have classrooms equipped with digital whiteboards, a chapel, own kitchen, vegetable garden, large dining room, sports facilities, orchards, gardens, laboratories, pool, computer classrooms…

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