At Edelweiss we get to know each student as an individual. The School’s staff adopt an attitude of affectionate observation with all of them.

It is the best way to promote and integrate individual capacities of each one, offering a personalized education and proper counselling and guidance.

Therefore the faculty instill a solid academic background, centered on the physical and intellectual skills of each student, on their self-esteem their own learning pace.

With over 50 years of experience, we offer a customised education through small groups, specialized teachers and a close relationship with the families, encouraging each student to develop their human and intellectual capacities to the fullest and to feel cared for in a climate of trust. Parents have a permanent and direct contact with the school. Teachers are available to listen to every family, according to your needs or questions.

The education offered by Edelweiss is based on that each student is unique and unrepeatable, also to decide freely and act responsibly. Aware of the role parents have in their children’s education, we focus on the learning throughout the different stages of evolution.

Educacion Personalizada 5 Edelweiss School

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