Entusiasmat InfantilEntusiasMAT is a pedagogical project based on multiple intelligences that allows to teach mathematics through play, experimentation and meaningful learning. The variety of activities provide constant motivation and interest in our student making them “enthusiastic”.

It is a method with which feel that mathematics is an indispensable resource in life and not just abstract numbers away from reality.

Its main objective is to get to learn the skills or strategies to solve problems, which is the main element of the Logical-Mathematical Intelligence.

Jolly Phonics

Projects-Jolly-PhonicsA multi-sensory method used to make learning reading and writing in English that allows Infants  students to acquire this language as if it were their mother tongue.

It uses “synthetic phonics” that teaches students the five basic skills to read and write:

  • Learn the sounds of letters
  • Learn how to write letters
  • Recompose the word through its sounds.
  • Decompose words into sounds
  • The spelling of words with trick

Independent studies have found that after a year with Jolly Phonics students advance approximately 12 months the average level of reading with regard to other students of their age.

Living Art

Projects Living Art EdelweissThis project began a few years ago in 1st Primary and because of it our students have come to know key figures in the History of Art through a creative approach whilst expanding their artistic knowledge.

Young Entrepreneurs Project

Young entrepreneurs projectThe Young entrepreneurs project KITCAIXA is develops with the participation of 4th ESO students.

Our school partakes in this initiative of the Obra Social La Caixa, of great value to students and teachers, designed to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among the professionals of the future.

With this proposal, they will learn to observe the business world from a different perspective, detect new opportunities and carry out projects by themselves. A great opportunity for young people, with the help of their teacher, to catch a glimpse and learn about the professional world, develop their creativity and enhance their best skills.

This project is taught in English.

For more information, see the Website

Careers Guidance Project

Careers guidance projectThis project is aimed at the profesional guidance of students of ESO before starting Sixth Form. Participating professionals – most ex-Alumni – come to Edelweiss to talk about their work and guide students in the task of deciding their future studies and also help them decide the 6th Form subjects they want to undertake.

Students prepare a personal interview in which they ask different questions to the guest speaker regarding his/her studies and career, and they respond in a close and relaxed atmosphere.

Educational Values Project

educación emcionalEducating in values is to prepare for life. For this reason, it is important to educate our students, not only from an academic point of view, but shaping them as people in all its dimensions. People need values to guide their behaviors.


  • Educate our students in a comprehensive way.
  • Promote coexistence, education in responsibility, social skills, self-esteem…
  • Instill in students the values of the organisation, effort, responsibility, friendship, Fellowship, generosity, and happiness.
  • Teach these values to all the students of the School.
  • Engage families in their children’s values education.
  • Perform comunal activities to promote these values both in the classroom and in the School.

The methodology used is active, playful and participatory, taking into account the age of the group with which we are working.


Teen STAR Edelweiss School Valencia This is an affective-sexual education program based on the dignity of the person covering physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual aspects with a sense of responsibility and Christian values.

This voluntary activity is designed for 4th ESO students.

logoteenStar Edelweiss School

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