Proyecto Sobre Egipto

1st ESO project: The Ancient Egypt

This project has been done in Geography & History, Technologies and Computer class. Our goal was to learn about the Egyptian civilization.

In Geography & History we discovered how the Egyptians wrote. The developed hierographic writing which consisted of sounds, words and ideas expressed through drawings or pictograms.

Proyecto sobre Egipto Edelweiss school

We also learned Cuneiform writing from Mesopotamia which consisted of a series of signs with syllabic value. There were around 2,000 signs, but 600 signs were used frequently.

To practice what we learned we created our own day tablets using wedge-shaped stylus.

Proyecto Egipto


In Computers we immerse ourselves in the Egyptian religion and their gods. After discovering how  the Egyptian religion was, we animated presentations of the gods and created several “Word Cloud” with the most significant words.
With this project, students have learned to search for information on the Internet effectively and adequately, to work with different applications in the cloud (“cloud computing”) and to publish content.
To see some of our works, click here.
Finally, in Technologies we are interested, among all the vestiges left by the ancient Egyptians, in the design and construction of the most portentous landmarks of this civilization: the Pyramids of Egypt.

Protecto Egipto

In the first place, through a work of research, we discovered their functions, in which materials were built and the hypothesis relating to their construction techniques. In particular, we pay special attention to the three great pyramids of Giza (tombs or cenotaphs of the pharaohs Cheops, Khafre and Micerino) whose construction dates back, for the vast majority of scholars, to the period known as the Ancient Empire of Egypt.

Among them, the Great Pyramid of Giza (built by Khufu [JUFU]) is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as well as being the only one that still remains. Finally, as a finishing touch to the whole project, we applied all the learned in designing and building our own pyramids.




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