2015-2016 The school year that was!


Some things we want to share to the next year’s 1st ESO:

We are going to talk about our experiences in our first year in ESO. First, we would like to talk about its difficulties compared to 6th grade. Once you are in ESO the first things that you´ll find really difficult are the trimestral exams. This year, we have the final exams at the end of the year and trimester exams after each term and they´re really difficult. This means that you have to begin preparing for them at least two weeks before or three if you´re not really good at studying .There are also new subjects such as Technology, French and English Culture which means you have more classes and less time to do the things you like such as playing videogames, doing sports, listening to music, etc.

One of the things that we recommend is to use your free time (although it’s very little) to study and to read because there will help you to prepare for your exams and in making your projects because you learn more vocabulary. For you to have more time to do homework and to study, we recommend you do sports here in school, such as judo, football, basketball, etc. And you should also take advantage of the class periods to finish homework, or to study.

During this school year, Madame, has taught us a new language, French, an addition to the other languages we already know: English, Valenciano and Spanish.

In English we have done lots of projects and through them we have learnt to work in teams. We have made films where we were the directors and the actors; we have known lots of interesting people, because we have done presentations about people whom stood up for their rights like Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, Nelson Mandela, etc.

Computers and iPads have been very helpful this year because we have done presentations and projects in the computer room and we have done presentations and made short film with them in Art and English classes, also we have learned how to work Maths on Wiris, which is a new subject.

There is a new subject called Technology where we have done projects with wood, like a lift and a car. We have also learnt how to use the saw.

On other subjects like, History and Geography, we have learnt lots of theories, for example the human evolution or types of climate on earth; we also have Biology classes, where learnt interesting things that explain our environment.

The 1st ESO experiences opened our eyes into the reality of life such as:

-If you want to get a good mark, you have to study consistently and days before the exam because it isn’t possible to study all in one day;

– During class periods, you have to pay attention because it’s time spent for learning;

– Know more ourselves and our classmates! Others find our behavior strange but we don’t know why;

–  We have also learnt that there are FUN things you can only do in 1st ESO, but we won’t tell you about those! YOU SHOULD FIND THEM OUT YOURSELVES NEXT YEAR!





Edelweiss school ESO

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