Edelweiss Visita Muebles Romero 2

4ESO visita la empresa Muebles Romero con Young Entrepreneurs Project

El pasado 2 de diciembre el grupo de 4º de ESO visitó la empresa Muebles Romero. Esta salida se engloba dentro del proyecto de emprendimiento “Kit Caixa – Young Entrepreneurs Project” en el que participan los alumnos durante este curso con Mr. Joseph.

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Visitaron la fábrica, donde les explicaron cómo es el proceso de creación de los muebles desde las fases de diseño hasta la obtención del producto final, incluyendo también los procesos de marketing y venta. También les explicaron la historia de la empresa familiar, centrándose en su aspecto emprendedor y empresarial.

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Como actividad de esta visita, los alumnos redactaron en inglés un pequeño resumen de lo que habían visto y de sus impresiones sobre la empresa. Aquí os mostramos la redacción de Carlos F., Javier R. y Alfonso M.:


Muebles Romero

Production and Distribution

The company started in 1960 under the auspice of José Romero Puchades, who some time later went on his own to Madrid and slept on a bench just to learn new ideas to keep the company going.

In its early days, it had manufactured oil and other liquid dispensers, and after that, they began creating washing machines.

After a while they started creating home furniture such as stools and tables. Nowadays, they offer a wide range of furniture for restaurants, bars and convention centres.

After José´s death, the business is carried on by his offspring: Francisco, José, Carmen and Manuel.

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Muebles Romero is now an international manufacturer dedicated to the production of hotel, restaurant and convention centres furniture. It does not only design its own the products, but also produces them.

During our visit to the company, we were shown how some of their products are manufactured. The raw materials are provided by different suppliers both local and international, and then in the factory, thanks to a large number of machines, they transform these raw materials into different types of furniture for local and international markets. They use an extensive range of materials such as wood, resin, plastic and metal. Not every product is produced in their factory, though. A reduced number are produced and directly sent for them. The reason why they cannot produce everything is that they require specific types of machinery.

In terms of distribution, its main market is Spain but they have sold products to different countries like China, Germany, France and Portugal. During the visit, the company highlighted the importance of distribution, which must be fast and efficient. Muebles Romero has a particular advantage over other firms: they are the only company in Spain which can provide a material which is scratch-proof. This is an important advantage which permits them to monopolise in that specific sector in the Spanish furniture industry. They also invest a lot in R & D.

The factory is huge and it is very well-organized. The directors who attended us are very kind and very clear with their explanations and we all learnt how the factory works and what makes it successful. José, Carmen and Francisco have fantastic ideas and some of the furniture they showed us is totally amazing.

What fascinates us though is its history; from its foundation by the directors’ grandfather, how it continued growing and how the responsibilities are distributed among the four brothers and sister.

Another thing that amazed us was the capacity that the founder to invent all the things he did.

We consider the grandfather, the father, and the four directors to be great entrepreneurs who have the vision to continue with the family business, make it prosper, provide employments and benefits to the community.

In conclusion, Muebles Romero is a clear example of an entrepreneurial company with an ameliorative and productive sense.

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