Visita A Grupo FSegura

4º ESO visiting FSegura group

By:      Pablo Ferrer Montagud,  Gonzalo Belda Granell.

February 28th, we, the students of 4º ESO, went on a visit to the company “Grupo FSegura” where we learnt different aspects of this entity, including its history, production process and social corporate responsibility.

Visita a Grupo FSegura

The company was founded in 1970 by Don Francisco Segura Segura. Initially, they used to produce metal components, and it wasn’t until 1980 that it got into the automotive sector, producing bodywork parts for Ford. In 1996, the company inaugurated a new plant in Almusafes, where all of the production processes take place. By 2008, Grupo FSegura started to produce internationally by opening a factory in Hungary to provide and extend its services throughout Europe. After that, in 2014, they opened an office in China to start their market outreach in Asia.

Visita a Grupo FSegura

The visit started early in the morning when we took the school bus to Almusafes. We were dropped off at an office located in one of FSegura’s factories where we were given security outfits consisting of a factory vest, reinforced factory shoes and special glasses for protection while we are in the production areas of the factories. This plant contains all the steel coils, which is the raw material used to manufacture the different car parts and they are really heavy!

Then, we moved to another factory which is close to it. It contains all the necessary machines and robots which are quite impressive not only for their efficiency but also for their sizes. They weld the metal pieces together and shape them according to the customers’ specifications.


Finally, we went to the third factory where we were really impressed by the process of painting the different car parts. It was pure physics. These pieces are first organized depending on their shapes, sizes and types, and then they are electrically charged negative. This is where they are immersed in a tank full of black paint charged positive. It was fascinating because when the pieces enter the paint tank, sparks are produced. We touched the paint in the tank but they didn’t stain our fingers because they were not electrically charged.

Visita a grupo FSegura

It’s important to highlight the fact that the company supports people who are physically or mentally disabled, providing jobs and giving them the opportunity to show that they can be a productive part of our economic society.

We are very grateful to Mr Jorge Segura for sharing with us not only his knowledge of production but also his entrepreneurial wisdom and valuable time. He opened our minds to see this new and interesting world of production.

Visita a Grupo FSegura



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