Ignacio Lorente 300×297

6th Primary Artists

6A’s Artist of the Month

6A’s winner of the October Art Contest is Ignacio Lorente. His winning Art piece is a dog made of a towel, two rubber bands, a black and a red card and a bow. It was the first time he did it. How to make the dog: First you get the towel and you roll it from the top part and from the bottom, then you fold it and put the rubber band in the middle. Then you crush it a little bit and you put another rubber band to shape the dog´s nose. Using the red card, you cut the silhouette of a tongue, the silhouette of two ears and two eyes, and then you stick them to the dog. Then to make it prettier, you put a bow around the dog’s neck and you make a knot. He was inspired by his grandmother´s dog.

By: Elena Boix and Celia Fernandez

Ignacio Lorente


6B´s Artist of the Month

The artist for the month of October is Evelyn Yankey. She made a clay Halloween mask. The Halloween celebration inspired her because it is her favourite festivity.

We interviewed Evelyn and she told us that she spent 2 days making it.  First, she made a mold where she put the clay to get its shape. After that, she put it into the oven to dry. Finally, she applied her artistic skills by painting it to represent a horrific figure.

By: Daniela Indias Peña & Manu Mata Beltrán


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