Edelweiss UN Day 2016

As it has become tradition, this year the courses of 5th and 6th grade have celebrated the United Nations day (UN Day). On this occasion, within the subject of Social Science, students have studied a country belonging to this organization  in pairs to present it to others. During the exhibition students could dress with the costumes typical of the place of the world they studied .


Although they have also prepared a digital presentation, exposure to the rest of his companions has been more traditional, with a speech in English and a mural with various data from the country in question.

Edelweiss a Day

All of the murals have hung in the covered court, along with our big map of the world, where they will remain throughout the week so parents who want to can come closer to see them, as well as the rest of the school.

UN day has also continued in the dining room, where the children have built-in to the menu dishes typical of their different countries, for a greater immersion in their culture and customs. We believe that this is a very entertaining day, and at the same time it is another way to learn geography and anthropology, both knowing the diversity of races and cultures that inhabit our planet.

Edelweiss a Day

Also recalled the commitment of the “2030 Agenda” for sustainable development, by which countries are committed to developing 17 goals to build a better future within our planet (Ban Ki-moon, General Secretary  of the UN Nations)

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