Turista En Tu Ciudad

Being a tourist in your city

Learning about our city as a tourist

Last 22th of December, 3º ESO, 4º ESO y 1º Bachillerato went for a tour in Valencia. But this time, our students were the tourists in their city.  This wasn´t a typical tour: our students were the guide tours! They were provided with a professional credential, passport photo included.

Turista en tu ciudad

Time ago, we had formed 3-4 students working groups, and assigned them an historical monument of the tour (which started at our emblematic building Torres de Serranos. The students handled the subject matter in original and creative ways: some created a small theatre, some debated among themselves, some created their own tourism company… so that we could learn about the way the monument was built, who made it ,and even we discovered that there was a romance between El Miguelete and Sta Catalina.

Turista en tu ciudad

In addition, our students visited the church of S. Nicolas de Bari y S. Pedro Mártir. In particular, they attended a guide tour inside S. Nicolás, to En San Nicolás, en particular, asistieron a una visita guiada por el interior, and appreciate the recently restored frescoes over the vaults and columns of the central nave. That´s why this church is known as the “valencian Sitine Chapel”. It´s wonderful!


Finally, the tour group could get into the recently restored building of the “Colegio Arte Mayor de la Seda” at the Hospital St. So the students could improve their knowledges of different subjects life Social Science, Valencian language, technical drawing… En este actual museo aprendieron la importancia histórica del gremio de la seda en Valencia in this current Museum they could learn the historical importance of the silk guild in Valencia, the ageing processes of the silkworms and  the way of transforming the thread in fabric with a working loom.

Turista en tu ciudad

Certainly, this tour was a good conclusion to 2016.

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