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Book review: Paper towns

We start today a new section in our blog: students from 3rd and 4rd Secondary grade are writing interesting reviews and essays about English books, films and current topics in the Practical English subject. The first review, written by Amalia del Val, is about “Paper towns”, a best seller by John Green:

Paper towns is one of the most relevant novels of the American author John Green. A romantic thriller novel, set in the city of Florida, which became a world wide best seller in 2012.

In the book, the two main characters are Margo Roth Spiegelman, a gorgeous teenager with an alternative personality who runs away in order to dissapear from her past, and Quentin Jacobsen, a typical 18-year-old boy who decides to look for Margo because he is madly in love with her. To ease the search, Margo leaves clues in different and strategic places so Quentin can find her. With the help of his close friends, Ben and Lacey, Quentin will start a journey he won´t forget.

The strenght of this book is the original and amusing plot, the strong and particular personalities of the characters and the hidden or back plot, that reflects perfectly the perks and disadvantages of life. The point I like the most is Quentin´s attitude towards Margo´s dissappeareance.

My only criticism would be the end, I dislike it and I would have preferred a different ending“.

Amalia del Val, Grade B, Level C1 Student


If you read the book and don´t mind the spoilers, you can find much more over the Paper Towns Question Page.

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