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Interview with Cristina Collado

“I appreciate in particular children´s effort at work”

She studied to be a teacher (UV) and came to help children learn to read during her university career, when Laura was teacher at Infants school. She appreciates her enrolment to work at school, first as 1st Primary teacher, then as 4th Primary teacher, where she is working for several years. A work she loves, as she identifies with values taught and lived at Edelweiss. Besides, her son is in 3rd Primary at Edelweiss and he´s going to receive his First Communion. She was the first teacher to go out on a trip with students. She also coordinated Primary school for several years, that´s why she recognises complexity on coordinate human teams.

Cristina en sus primeros años en Edelweiss



Passionate about education, she believes as Primary teacher that Primary is a fondamental stage since “we have an important work, educating new generations in line with family”. She thinks that children, most of time without realizing,  tend to minimal efforts or work fast so they can go to play quickly, but “what I really appreciate is children´s effort in their school years, especially in those with more difficulty. And it is cause for considerable satisfaction to observe they finally get to organise and work by themselves.

Cristina highlights that this effort becomes important over the years as children grow older: “we experience students with good work habits achieve fantastic results. And we believe that submitting a good and complete task is better than finishing fast. That´s why we try to motivate them to get the established targets”.

Aprendiendo mates con Entusiasmat

Conscious that education is taught at home and at school, Cristina considers parents and their: “joint monitoring children at tutoring program a key role: “We try to reinforce the positive points of every child with their parents, and set objectives to overcome what he finds more difficult. This is an exchange of views about the students, what we see in class, at home, what we can promote, etc”.


The value of a good teacher, according to Cristina, should be the ability to connect with each student: “There is much talk now about attention to diversity, so when we evaluate not only a written test, but also class participation, student interest or attitude… All of this counts a lot!”

For this reason she especially enjoys in tutoring group programs, there you can watch children in a different way. “I talk to them about their feelings and I love how they get opened and learn to express their emotions. And, although some problems could arise among them, it is very positive how they also defend one another and finish resolving their own conflicts.


Edelweiss has been working for some time on Project-based learning that ,according to Cristina, is giving name and complementing an effort that has been made for years at school: “it is a teamwork where it is intended that everyone work together, developing the motivation, creativity, the relations among them, the responsibility…”
This kind of methodology,” says-“is a previous work of the teachers, because it is fit to all strategically to form groups by encouraging multiple intelligences. We have abandoned master classes to give greater prominence to the learning and work of pupils”. Help them learn differently because they investigate and internalize what they learn. The teacher is supportive and is guiding them, but they are the ones who seek, solve…”

En curso de formacion
She remembers one of the projects about living beings, to which belongs the photo header, and where all Primary School levels have been involved. Depending on the level, the title changes according to the center of interest: some called it “zoo”, other “safari” or “farm” (animals, plants). “ours was called “The Jungle Book” and we decorate the whole class, teachers dress up… In short, with these things we try to motivate their learning”.
There are also other projects such as “Cuidix”, which aims to bring children to the medicine and learn healthy habits – both in food as in the Sport-, educating in values such as respect, self-esteem, solidarity… The Maths project “Entusiasmat” (for the students from 1 to 5 Primary) works much the mental calculation and reasoning.

This year Cristina begins in addition to give Religion lessons, in touch with M. Carmen Feltrer, which has passed the baton after his retirement. She has also been involved in the choir of First Communions for years “and always excites me, because when you know the children, joining them in those important moments is a great illusion “.

But the work does not end in the classroom for Cristina, but moves to other spaces such as hallways, garden or dining room. She knows that students need also to talk and that they usually do this in different environments where they can find available their teacher. “The teaching work doesn´t finish when you get out of the classroom. You do not close the door and forget. You Take-home reflections of what emerges from day to day, you get emotionally involved . Students are your children 5 days a week 8 hours a day, you know they have a great potential and want to help them to develop their capabilities as best as possible. You want to do it well”.


A former student of Cristina, already licensed, recalls how she discovered poetry in Cristina´s  lessons, since there are anecdotes, which are recorded… or in this case written: the poet Rafael Alberti died when she was studying 4th Grade with Cristina. Recently she returned to open the book of poems of that course, forgotten on the shelf. She was excited to remember some poems learned that year, which even he could recite by heart, and to see writing with her 9 years letter: “He was 97 years and died at his home in Puerto de Santa Maria”. Cristina made them update the biography of the writer in the book of poems.

And this Christmas, as shown in the picture, students of 5º Primary that were their students last year wanted to surprise her bringing a dedicated Christmas card.


Seeing the affection that former students feel about her, we are convinced that Cristina is a step in the right direction.

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