Carmen Noguera Psicopedagoga Edelweiss School

Interview with Carmen Noguera, educational psychologist

“Knowing yourself and learning to manage your own emotions build happy and qualified persons”

Carmen Noguera Hernández: teacher, educational psychpedagogist, mother of a school student

She recalls fondly her first years in Infants School in Miss Julia´s class, where she feels she learnt a lot. After that, the opportunity arose to work at the Counselling and Guidance Department. Then she became Primary 3 tutor, “and I deeply enjoyed it”, says, “as I really had the chance to lead a class, mentoring pupils, watching their development and growing along the year. Then I went to Primary 2 till I came back to the Counselling Department, and here I remain!”



It provides guidance to parents, teachers and students helping them to overcome the difficulties they might encounter throughout the school year. When teachers find a possible difficulty (on academic, personal or social level), they inform parents and request an authorization to let the Department act. Then “I make a first assessment by working with the children and according to the result I see the needs of every child-at school or home- and explain to parents and teachers how to work together in a coordinated manner”.

When themes are specific and request a scheduled therapy or to deepen the diagnostic to be more focused, Carmen meets the parents to suggest a specialist for the student.But the decision is always theirs”.

Carmen works directly with the children and tries to create a relaxed and friendly environment to build confidence: “I try to keep up and put myself in their place to understand them better, getting to find out what they may feel or what is happening. The important thing is to be seen as a person who wants to help”.


What Carmen enjoys most is the direct contact with children, reaching out to them and verifying you can improve your difficulties if you work them out in more detail. “Also it´s a great pleasure when you talk to parents, they get involved and follow a few guidelines, working together to the same goal. To see a child that initially had difficulties that now are overcome gives me great joy”.


Through our “Educational Values Project”, the teaching team tries to instill the values that we hold to be fundamental: order, respect, responsibility, effort, friendship, companionship and generosity. We provide students with a Diary end sheet where they write down the value we work monthly. We set a group level goal and another personal level one, related to the value that is being strengthened.” The tutors work with students, individually to see what they can improve.

Carmen Noguera psicopedagoga Edelweiss school


Emotional intelligence is something that Edelweiss has worked on for many years. Amparo Molina, an educator who is working with our school, was the one to introduce it about 10 years ago. Amparo and Carmen prepare and impart monthly sessions of emotional intelligence in all classes. The tutors follow up and continue working on the emotions throughout the year.


Carmen believes that this type of intelligence is as or more important than the rational intelligence. “We place a special emphasis in our students to become emotionally intelligent people. To do this, we teach them to know themselves (emotional self-awareness), to manage their own emotions (emotional self-control) so that they can understand the emotions of others (empathy) and relate them appropriately (social skills). All this is key for the integral development of children”.

Carmen has a highly interesting and promising job at school, working with parents and teachers for students to face their future with the necessary tools to be happy. Thanks for your help!

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