Learning Celebration in 6th of Primary

By Lucas M. and Carlota M.

On 9th March, we had our learning celebration in school. This was an event organised by Mr. Joseph and Ms. Mercedes. All the parents of 6th Primary students attended.

Learning celebration

The project was about 19th century Spain. It was called “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN SPAIN.” We were separated into groups of four or five. We had to research historical characters and prepared a short presentation about them. Some of us wore costumes representing important people, while others dressed up depending on what topics they had to explain. Some students explained masterpieces by the famous painter Francisco Goya who was the most important painter of that period; others explained what the portfolios contained. We studied this project by doing mind-maps, schemes and metacognition papers. We had to do this in a portfolio. We also had to glue and underline the information ourselves. At the end of the presentation we showed our parents the portfolios of each group.

I think it was a really good presentation and this way we learnt more easily our lessons and had more fun than if we only a book. Our parents enjoyed our presentations as well.

Learning Celebration in 6th of Primary 1

Written by Lucas Milán and Carlota Martínez

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