Oscar Llorens 2

Revelatum, a Mythical creature (by Oscar Ll.)

We have a future journalist in our school! Here you have his first interview:

Oscar Llorens 2

Hi everyone I’m Oscar Ll. and I’m a 6th Primary student, an aspiring journalist and interviewer for Edelnews. This is the interview I had with Pepe M. who got the highest mark in our project about mythical creatures.

Oscar: What is the name of your mythical creature?

Pepe: It’s called Revelatum.

Oscar: Did you invent it?

Pepe: Yes, first I was going to copy from a legend but later I decided not to.

Oscar: Why did you choose those animals as basis for your mythical creature?

Pepe: Because for me the dog, snake, horse, duck and the phoenix have special capabilities.

Oscar: We know a lot about the animals you mentioned except the phoenix; what is it?

Pepe: A phoenix in Greek mythology is a long-lived bird that is reborn to a new life by rising from its ashes. It is also associated with the sun.

Oscar: What is the Revelatum’s habitat?

Pepe: It lives in an enormous cave.

Oscar: Have you received any recognition for this project?

Pepe: Mr Joseph gave me a 10 for this project.

Oscar: Congratulations! I think you deserve it!

Pepe: Thanks!

Oscar: Have you received any negative opinion from other students?

Pepe: No!

Oscar: Are you famous because of this project?

Pepe: The only thing I can consider as being famous is this interview.

Oscar: Did you do it alone?

Pepe: At first, I was going to do it with Ignacio M. and Edu P. but later I decided to do it alone.

Oscar: How did you present it before the class?

Pepe: I recorded it in a film, I drew the creature and I made this diorama to tell the story of my creature.

Oscar: I have to say that your project and presentation are truly impressive. Congratulations again and thanks for sharing your project and knowledge with us.

Pepe: Thanks and it’s been a pleasure talking to you about it.


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