3 Year Olds Show And Tell

Show and tell activity

We have a new English activity in Infants school: Show and tell. Depending on the class we practise different items:

3 year olds: we are doing in class the oral expression activity with the aim of encouraging children to speak and understand basic vocabulary in English. Each child has to bring from home an object that he or she really likes or a thing that is special to them (wrapped and in a box), so that through different questions all his friends can guess what it is.

 3 year olds show and tell

4 year olds: for this activity, a storybook will be requested various times during the year. This book can be in English or in Spanish (The teacher will read it in English) and should be one you have already read with your child.

A story is read each day during story time with a different child as “the story helper”, which is why they should know more or less what the story is about.

A class discussion on the book content including students opinions facilitates enhancement of vocabulary and provides an excellent opportunity for speaking in English.

Story time

5 year olds: children will bring their favourite object and hide it in the “Surprise box”, so the class must guess “What´s in the box” asking questions, with the aim of increasing their English vocabulary. Then we describe the object and the protagonist tells us a bit about it We also describe the child who has brought the mysterious object and finally draw a picture about all the activity.

Show and tell activity 2 Show and tell activity 3

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