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Sixth Year of Primary school at CAC

On the 8th of may Sixth Year went to visit the City of Arts and Sciences (CAC) in Valencia. They gave us a short summary representing a coffee shop conversation among friends:



“Belen: Hi Evelyn, hi Gloria!  How are you this morning?

Evelyn & Gloria: Good morning! We’re OK and you?

Belen: I’m really tired and my feet hurt!

Gloria: To tell you the truth, I’m sleepy! I had a fantastic time at the excursion yesterday!

Evelyn: It was really interesting but I was a bit scared when I saw the big shark.

Gloria: Me, too!

Belen: Which was your favourite part of the trip?

Evelyn: My favourite part was when we saw the electricity show; and yours Gloria?

Gloria: My favourite part was when we went to the Oceanografic “hospital.” In my opinion the most interesting fish was the little shark. It was so cute!!

Belen: Oh yes! They were really fun but the best part was when we saw the big sharks’ tanks.

Evelyn: I don’t think so! It was very scary!

Belen: Oh no, it’s late. I have to go, bye girls!

Gloria: It’s true! Evelyn, let’s go to the shop. It closes at 5.

Evelyn and Gloria: Bye Belen! See you soon!”



6B Primary




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