2015 St  Patricks Celebration 21

St. Patrick´s Day

In line with our March objective of promoting generosity, solidarity and camaraderie among students of primary, the 6 Graders launched a new project called ST. PATRICK’S DAY!




We all know that St. Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint and his feast day is on 17th March. It is a big celebration in big cities around the world like Boston and New York where many Irish people live or have Irish ancestry.

We have it celebrated on 11th and 12th March because the feast day is a school holiday. The activities we had are:

  • we decorated our bulletin board with things related to Ireland and St. Patrick;
  • we read stories, myths and legends about Ireland;
  • we learned and sang a song about St. Patrick and Ireland;
  • we learned something about Irish history;
  • we made leprechaun hats;
  • we invited the 3rd Graders to join us in reading a story about a smart leprechaun and a boy called Jack;




  • we shared chocolates and we gave them leprechaun hats after the reading;
  • we had an Irish snack where we ate green things (green sweets, green cakes, green cookies and green drinks);
  • we took photos of us wearing the leprechaunhats.

We also celebrated Manu Aymerich’s birthday. He brought a green cake which he made with the help of his dad.  It was delicious!



We had great fun and we shared our time, knowledge and chocolates with the third graders which we think is the best part of the celebration. We’re looking forward to the next one.





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