Historic football season in Edelweiss

Absolut record in football cups

This year has proved to be a historic date in football for our school. Our teams have been proclaimed winners in all categories of the Godella XXXV Juegos Deportivos and have also won a subchampionship, a trophy cup and the covetes prize of Provincial champion achieved by sixth grade and their head coach Juan Silla.

In school history, for a few years now, we had never before enjoyed so much success in the same season. Surely it will be because our students play with sportsmanship and eager. Because coaches have been able to organize and appreciate their teams. Because parents have been very responsible leading our young players to the parties, in addition to being a very devoted public. And because Miguel our coordinator has coordinated very well . For all of you, congratulations! The victory is all yours.

Here we have some of the champions:

2º Primary and their coach, Álvaro Díaz

Campeones fútbol sala

4º Primary and their coach, Pedro Doménech

Historic football season in Edelweiss 1

5º of Primary and their coach

Historic football season in Edelweiss 2

Our 3 times champions: 6º Primary and their coach, Juan Silla.

Historic football season in Edelweiss 3

All our trophies together:

Historic football season in Edelweiss 4



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