Infants School - From two years of age

The teacher seeks to enhance the intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities of students, based on experimentation, play and relationships with their environment. The introduction of the English language from the two years enables them to a proper understanding of your audio system and allows them to have a correct oral expression. 

Our students undergo a real immersion in English from Infant and Primary School with  more than half the school day in English with mostly native or bilingual teachers. During the Infant and early Primary Stages we use a fun reading and writing, multi-sensory method so that the children can adopt the language as if it were their mother-tongue and acquire a correct pronunciation.

Primary School

Communication, calculation, logical thinking and knowledge of the social and natural environment, as the base for our student’s  development. In addition, our students experience an evolution in the fields of Linguistic, psychomotricity skills and social and moral maturity. At this age, english is taught to express themselves efficiently using oral and writing skills. 

Through different methodologies, we create a learning environment where the consolidatio of acquired habits and the introduction of new skills and study habits are key. All the English language skills are taught in a relaxed yet progressive manner. Self-confidence, cooperation and ability to express themselves in English are some of the hallmarks of the different subjects taught in English at our school.

Secondary School

The programme is designed to prepare students for “Bachiller” (Sixth Form), learning from all the mathematical, physical and social sciences subjects. During these years, a pronounced improvement in the English is acheived in order to prepare students, in very small groups, for the official examinations of the University of Cambridge, most surpassing the First Certificate (B2) level when in 4th ESO.

Upon entering Secondary School, our students are introduced to another language, French, in line with the policy of teaching languages as a key to the professional future of the students. The vast majority reach the A2 level of French in 4th ESO.

Educacion Secundaria 2 Edelweiss School
Bachillerato- Sixth Form
Resultados PAU Edelweiss

Sixth Form began at Edelweiss School in 2016. In recent years the School has researched and come to know first-hand the best national and international projects in order to design an innovative, effective and personalised “Bachiller”.

This Stage will pay special attention to languages and will intensify, in very small groups, the role of accompaniment and personal maturity of students, developing the emotional and social skills needed to face their future with resolution and initiative.

Our goal is that by the end of Sixth Form our pupils will have reached the Advance (C1) level.

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