Energy News

Energy news: advantages and disadvantages of new technology.

By Noelia Muñoz and Alejandro García (by 6th of Primary)

We had the pleasure of having Mr. Roberto Milán, Lucas’s father (our friend and classmate), as speaker when we finished the energy project. He started the talk by introducing himself. He works for Nunsys, a high-tech telecommunication provider based in Valencia, and he has a lot of hobbies such as watching football matches and hiking in the mountains.

He explained how new technologies are going to change our lives. He said that robots would do the boring and dangerous jobs for humans and we would have more interesting jobs. In the future, robots will be programmed to take care of themselves.

Energy news

He also explained how we obtain solar energy and showed us a video of solar panels and mirrors that obtain this energy. Nowadays, there are Google cars which do not need human drivers. Lucas’s father also told us that computer nowadays, have the intelligence of a mouse, but in the near future they will be more intelligent than humans.

At the end he showed us a video of a man who had robots in his house. They do all the work for him and at the same time take care of his health. Probably, in the next decade, most of us will have them in our homes.

In our opinion, this presentation was great! His explanations and level of English are really good and we loved it.


By Noelia Muñoz and Alejandro García

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