Friends from a different country

Written by: Sabela Cosín, MªJosé Navarro y Aitana Valcarce.

What’s a pen pal? This is what we asked the students of 4th of primary. They told us it’s a friend you’re not able to see, because he/she lives far away. The students enjoy writing to their pen pals not just because they learn English, but because they like to tell them about their likes, dislikes and opinions. Most of them share opinions about their favourite films, sports or hobbies.

There are 47 students here and they write to 70 English students. This means that some of our 4th grade students must write to more than 1 student. Some of them even have to write to 3 English students between 9-10 years old that go to Landau Forte Moorhead Derby School, in England.


Besides writing letters, they also decorate the pages in order to make them look attractive and spectacular.
The cards are sent more or less once a month and they receive one each month. The letters take a long time to be answered; that’s the only downside we could find.

In our opinion, having a pen pal is a very enjoyable activity, in which you learn English, but also have great fun getting to know someone who lives in another country. We think the activity should certainly continue with students from other years as it’s a valuable experience. Who knows, maybe they’ll even get to meet each other someday. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


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